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Therapeutic Effects Of Bonsai

The best time to take your gardening skill to a newer level is during winter. Leonard Zunin, a fellow bonsai enthusiast, happily claimed that just like any interest or hobby, this could touch your emotion and eventually become your lifetime passion. Just as taking a solid rest on your relaxing recliner sofa, a hobby such as being a bonsai enthusiast can be just as relaxing.

Leonard knows well how to deliver his sense of humor, which captures ones attention every time he speaks about anything under the sun. From his conventional Eastern perception, he thought that everything about nature is equally created. Thus, they need to be respected equally. On the other hand, western belief explains that human should be responsible for nature.

Knowing this fact, Leonard initiated every Napa Valley Bonsai Club gatherings through an introductory discussion. By that, he educated other members about the aspects and history of bonsai art. He also introduced Tokonoma, a popular display which is symbolized by a pretty bonsai plant usually situated in Japanese entryway. Tokonoma is known to bring beauty and honor to the family and home.

If you weren’t aware, bonsai plants are the mini version of fully grown shrubs and trees. Simply pronounced as ‘bone-sigh’, this Japanese word means ‘plant in a pot.’ By that, every grower learned how to harness their artistry side through studying and applying the different bonsai techniques.

Originally, British introduced bonsai plants to the Western people during early 1800’s. However, it is the United States who’d become really interested in these plants as soon as the servicemen transported tiny trees when World War II ended. After he had retired as a psychiatrist, Leonard started introducing bonsai.

By 1967, the Navy recruited him as the new Lieutenant Commander — Chief of Psychiatry in Camp Pendleton. This gave him the chance to work with different Vietnam traumatized veterans and create a specific program for war widows known as ‘Operation Second Life.’ Because of this, Walter Cronkite invited him for a television interview and for a write-up in Time magazine. He also becomes a consultant for several groups such as Peace Corps and Federal Emergency Management Agency, State Department and Center for Prisoner of War Studies. In addition to that, he also authored three books as well as 50 articles. He retired as the assistant to the director of Department of Mental Health in California last 1997.

He got married to Hillary in 1983. After two years, he went back to the United States and settled in Napa permanently. They managed to maintain a small backyard with over 30 bonsai specimens along with rock suiseki displays, wood sculptures and a couple of Buddhas. Everything here portrays harmony and peace.

Easy Lawn Care Checklist After The Fall Season

As the fall season is about to end, every homeowner is facing the tedious tasks of cleaning up the surroundings preparing for the winter season. There are various activities to enjoy during this season, yet for homeowners and garden owners it’s not just enough to read all the zero turn mower reviews, there are several factors to consider maintaining the good condition of the lawn.

The extreme cold temperature during winter can be harmful to the plants in your garden or landscape. Thus, owners need to invest both money and time in maintaining the beautiful appearance of the landscape despite the weather condition. The task can be complicated, but there are some easy lawn care steps that everyone can follow. Here are easy-to-follow tips about lawn care.


Fertilizing is one of the lawn care tips to employ before the snow starts to fall. This is essential especially if you have Bluegrass and Bermuda planted on your lawn. The fertilizer remains and feeds the grass roots throughout the winter season. This will also protect your lawn from insects and weeds growth. Use a fertilizer that is formulated suitable for winterization.


Another tip to consider in lawn care is providing enough water even if the weather condition is freezing. It is because there is a tendency that the plants or the grass will be affected by the snow fall. Thus, watering can wash out the snow from the leaves.


Mowing the lawn lower is the best way so that the grass can adapt the changes. Likewise, cutting the grass can protect the new growth. But, if the grass is cut too short there is a tendency that the crown is exposed to life-threatening weather condition.  Using lawn mower is the best idea to eliminate the snow, but make sure to replace the lawn mower deck with a snow blade.

The cold weather condition during winter can affect the growth of the plants and the grass. However, it is important to provide the necessary maintenance so that the plants will not die and the appearance of the landscape will be preserved.

If you do not have any idea about proper lawn care, you can research online. There are plenty of online resources available that can be of great help. Hiring a professional landscape services is another option to consider. The good thing about hiring professional services is that you have nothing to worry about because they know what they need to do.  Though, it is important to discuss with them everything about your preferences.

It is good to know the basic steps in lawn care as it can save money in hiring a professional to maintain the lawn or the landscape. Make sure to choose the service provider that has a good service record. The cost of hiring such services can be expensive that is why it is ideal to select the one that will value your money with quality services.

Not all the time you can hire professional services to do the job. That is why you should still find time to do the maintenance and care of your lawn.

Bonsai Enthusiast BBQ Party Ideas

Are you planning to host a BBQ party for every Bonsai enthusiasts out there? If that’s the case, break out the gas smoker bbq as you might want to grab these quick and fresh tips to make your party memorable:

Select a theme

Make your barbecue party unforgettable through choosing a unique theme. This can be tailored to a particular holiday, food, occasion, etc. Use your creativity to make it exciting and fun.

Prepare your new smoker grill now

Say bye to caked-on gunk through this effective cleaning method – put your grill gate within a big plastic garbage bag along with a cup of ammonia. After that, seal it tightly and allow the fumes do their job.

Inform your guest what’s on your menu

Why not try to coat a large piece of plywood which have black chalkboard paint so you can achieve a professional-looking board? That way, you can write your menu in there, letting your fellow Bonsai enthusiast aware of the menu.

Make use of popsicle sticks in labeling condiments

To spice up your decorations, you can also use wooden craft sticks do a multi-task. It serves as a spreading utensil and at the same time, labeling tool.

Opt for good party foods

Food is the most important part of the party. Don’t forget to serve a variety of salad, grilled items, and appetizers.

Just like other parties out there, you need to plan carefully your get together with other Bonsai enthusiasts. Other than that, just have fun, and the rest will follow!

Japan Will Host The 8th World Bonsai Convention Again!

Good news! World Bonsai Convention will come back to Japan next year. This is where it was originally organized more than two decades ago. They need to rent the Saitama Super Arena just to host this event since the convention itself is really big. Moreover, it features lots of popular world masters who will show their unique techniques and skills on stage.

As per WBC website, in general, most Bonsai events which happen in Japan demonstrate great bonsai masterpieces. Due to the fact that bonsai acquired its popularity on international stage, the foreign bonsai events also changes their style. They allow every enthusiast meet in one place so they could exchange information as well as invite Japan master to cater workshops.  This is how the Bonsai Convention began. After that, this eventually expanded to the different countries of Europe and America and continuously increasing in scale.

In spite of the drastic increase in popularity, the very first World Bonsai Convention in Japan (known as bonsai haven) was finally held last April 1989. It was presented by the Japan Bonsai Association right at the Saitama Prefecture, Saitama City (formerly known as Omiya City). It is where Omiya Bonsai Village is situated. Not only that, it is also the place where they have obtained success as they become one of the biggest conventions through more than 1200 participants. Later, it has been agreed upon that the World Bonsai Convention will help in every four years. Germany, America, Korea, China, Puerto Rico and Japan will host this event. In fact, this year (2017), Japan will host again this memorable event 28 years after they’ve first hosted it.

So what are you waiting for? Join this upcoming event. It will be held 27th to 30th of April! Don’t you dare to miss this!

Breathtaking Bonsai Tree Colors for Spring and Summer

What’s great about Bonsai is that it is dubbed as a beautiful living art. Most Bonsai trees evolved in a span of time. These changes can be seen particularly among deciduous tree which alters through the season. They bore flowers, grow fruits, or in some cases, transform the leaves’ color.  With that, you’ll see how Bonsai looks like during summer and spring.

Acer Palmatum

Otherwise known as Japanese Maples, this deciduous shrub enjoys fantastic spring colors. Their plush and bright new leaves appear with a different hue. This creates an exhibition of lively leaf color in the dreary landscape. If you are fond of Acer Palmatum, you can simply combine them with other species which have beautiful features to achieve a bold effect throughout the season.

Malus Kaido

Did you know that Malus Kaido can be utilized as Bonsai too? Generally, they are grown due to their pretty flower as well as their pleasant, tiny fruit during springs and are accurate scale for having a bonsai. These shrubs can either pollinate other same species close to them or seld-pollinate.

They are the perfect option for several bonsai styles except for forest, windswept, literati or driftwood.

Accent Plants

Typically, accent plants are popularly used as bonsai displays these past few decades. They are being used to feature the tree on display as well as to highlight an atmosphere of a certain scene. Most of the time, dwarf hosta is employed for a forest setting or other interesting grass.

Taxus Cuspidate

Also known as Japanese Yew, Taxus cuspidate are a great option for bonsai as they are easy to carve. They maintain their dark green foliage all year round (even during summer or spring).

There are a lot more bonsai plants which feature vibrant colors every spring!

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