Bonsai Enthusiast BBQ Party Ideas

Are you planning to host a BBQ party for every Bonsai enthusiasts out there? If that’s the case, break out the gas smoker bbq as you might want to grab these quick and fresh tips to make your party memorable:

Select a theme

Make your barbecue party unforgettable through choosing a unique theme. This can be tailored to a particular holiday, food, occasion, etc. Use your creativity to make it exciting and fun.

Prepare your new smoker grill now

Say bye to caked-on gunk through this effective cleaning method – put your grill gate within a big plastic garbage bag along with a cup of ammonia. After that, seal it tightly and allow the fumes do their job.

Inform your guest what’s on your menu

Why not try to coat a large piece of plywood which have black chalkboard paint so you can achieve a professional-looking board? That way, you can write your menu in there, letting your fellow Bonsai enthusiast aware of the menu.

Make use of popsicle sticks in labeling condiments

To spice up your decorations, you can also use wooden craft sticks do a multi-task. It serves as a spreading utensil and at the same time, labeling tool.

Opt for good party foods

Food is the most important part of the party. Don’t forget to serve a variety of salad, grilled items, and appetizers.

Just like other parties out there, you need to plan carefully your get together with other Bonsai enthusiasts. Other than that, just have fun, and the rest will follow!

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