Easy Lawn Care Checklist After The Fall Season

As the fall season is about to end, every homeowner is facing the tedious tasks of cleaning up the surroundings preparing for the winter season. There are various activities to enjoy during this season, yet for homeowners and garden owners it’s not just enough to read all the zero turn mower reviews, there are several factors to consider maintaining the good condition of the lawn.

The extreme cold temperature during winter can be harmful to the plants in your garden or landscape. Thus, owners need to invest both money and time in maintaining the beautiful appearance of the landscape despite the weather condition. The task can be complicated, but there are some easy lawn care steps that everyone can follow. Here are easy-to-follow tips about lawn care.


Fertilizing is one of the lawn care tips to employ before the snow starts to fall. This is essential especially if you have Bluegrass and Bermuda planted on your lawn. The fertilizer remains and feeds the grass roots throughout the winter season. This will also protect your lawn from insects and weeds growth. Use a fertilizer that is formulated suitable for winterization.


Another tip to consider in lawn care is providing enough water even if the weather condition is freezing. It is because there is a tendency that the plants or the grass will be affected by the snow fall. Thus, watering can wash out the snow from the leaves.


Mowing the lawn lower is the best way so that the grass can adapt the changes. Likewise, cutting the grass can protect the new growth. But, if the grass is cut too short there is a tendency that the crown is exposed to life-threatening weather condition.  Using lawn mower is the best idea to eliminate the snow, but make sure to replace the lawn mower deck with a snow blade.

The cold weather condition during winter can affect the growth of the plants and the grass. However, it is important to provide the necessary maintenance so that the plants will not die and the appearance of the landscape will be preserved.

If you do not have any idea about proper lawn care, you can research online. There are plenty of online resources available that can be of great help. Hiring a professional landscape services is another option to consider. The good thing about hiring professional services is that you have nothing to worry about because they know what they need to do.  Though, it is important to discuss with them everything about your preferences.

It is good to know the basic steps in lawn care as it can save money in hiring a professional to maintain the lawn or the landscape. Make sure to choose the service provider that has a good service record. The cost of hiring such services can be expensive that is why it is ideal to select the one that will value your money with quality services.

Not all the time you can hire professional services to do the job. That is why you should still find time to do the maintenance and care of your lawn.

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