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About Kate

One of the most admired persons nowadays when it comes to horticulture and bonsai is the respected Kate Billson. Among all the things known by many about her, the most important thing you should learn is that she has the burning desire to master everything about her hobby.  In fact, she continued studying Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture in Australia.

After that, she enjoys traveling around more than 30 countries wherein she has filled her eyes and mind with the art of horticulture.  Unlike other enthusiasts out there, Kate Billson never used and will never use her expertise in generating income. Whether you admit it or not, you might probably know or encountered someone who has this selfish motive behind those learning.

Later, she decided to build the Association of Bonsai Enthusiasts in Sydney, Australia where she and her colleagues maintain a fine collection of bonsai. They also offer forums, classes as well as seminars. Aside from that, she also visits different communities all over the world to teach everyone about the beauty behind bonsai. She also didn’t hesitate to write books to increase the awareness geared towards her passion. As a matter of fact, she wrote nine inspiring books and blogs.

Her artistic side was noticed when she began receiving awards and recognitions from different local and international institutions. Despite her popularity and success, she never asks something in return every time she shares her experience and discoveries in bonsai.

Likewise, she played a crucial role in organizing big events in the different gathering of Bonsai enthusiast where one can feature their finest collection for displays. Usually, enthusiast all over the world participates in these exhibitions and meetings so they could witness unique and jaw-dropping bonsai creations and learn new trends from the skilled demonstrators. Her dedication towards her passion has helped other people identify and obtain what they really want.

Now, she creates this blog to share everything she knows about bonsai to the people from around the world who she can’t personally see.

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